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She Matters. And So Does HE.

Posed by model

Posed by model

She Matters. And So Does He.
At Support Circle, She Matters. And so does He. Support Circle offers tangible help by providing medical and counseling services where women can come to address their most pressing needs and fears when facing an unplanned pregnancy. We offer this to each woman because we believe She Matters. And so does He. Recent research by Public Opinion Strategies showed that for women unsure about their unplanned pregnancy, the number one concern/factor in their decision is the relationship with the father of the baby. The research also showed that most men would like to be involved with their partner in the decision-making process.

Support Circle recognizes that men need support as well in this situation and provides the following services for men:

  • Addressing financial questions and concerns in an individual counseling setting
  • Insurance assistance and enrollment
  • Answers to medical questions related to the pregnancy
  • Discussion facilitation – Sometimes conversations can be difficult with sensitive issues like an unintended pregnancy. Having a qualified third party facilitate discussion between the woman and the man is extremely helpful. Our professional counselors specialize in facilitating discussions with couples who are “unsure” of their pregnancy decision. All sessions are confidential and free.
  • Individual counseling – Enables the man to sort out his own thoughts and plans in complete confidentiality with a professional counselor.
  • Relationship counseling
  • Co-parenting counseling

Support Circle is a safe, civil place where a woman and a man can address their most pressing needs. It is a place they can both come and have a professional counselor facilitate a discussion so they can both really hear each other. She Matters. And so does He.


Services for Men at Support Circle

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