She Matters, not just her decision

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She Matters

Not just her decision

At Support Circle, She Matters, not just her decision. From the moment she contacts Support Circle, we want her to know that She Matters. That is why we offer her multiple ways to contact us on her terms. She can search our website, chat with a nurse or schedule an appointment to meet our medical and counseling professionals.

We offer her a non-pressured environment that provides enough flexibility to address her specific needs. Her well-being is the priority during her appointments at Support Circle. Our friendly and professional staff at Support Circle’s three licensed Bay Area medical clinics provide her with a genuine opportunity to receive critical medical information and process her thoughts and feelings. And our counseling staff provides long-term, relational support for the coming year. Why? Because She Matters, not just her decision.

We offer her tangible help by providing a safe, civil place where she can come to address her most pressing needs and fears when facing an unplanned pregnancy. A place where people are not jumping all over her, demanding that she make one decision or another. But rather, a place that gives her deference so she can sort out her own thoughts and feelings to make a well-informed choice that she can own. A place where She Matters. Your financial support helps Support Circle provide a safe, civil place for her, where She Matters, not just her decision.


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